Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Suicide of God


We can recognize the injustice and indignity of human life where and when it occurs. We can recognize the perversity of any social, political and economic system that objectifies life, reducing human beings to mere automatons, and their relationship with nature to domination/exploitation.

We assume our impotence as creators in front of our civilizing work that dominates us. We forget that history has been an unfinished human creation and unable to continue our work until the end of the story, we accept that the end of civilization is the only end of history that mankind will know.

When humanity gave their freedom to the point that turn men and women in replaceable parts of a system created by themselves, God, discontented with his work, rebelled against his creation and assumed his helplessness to the point of destroying himself. In turn, humanity, abandoned in a unfair world, full of suffering, also rebels against its own God.

With a dead God, no longer able to destroy its creation, the human being, become a God on earth, runs the same fate that metaphysical God, that in an nihilistic impulse rushed to self-destruction.

Gods rebel against their creation, and is their work that finally kills the creator.

We are about to leap into the void, first of all was the metaphysical rebellion, and now is the collective suicide of mankind. We rebel against the system that oppresses us,  assuming our powerlessness to change it, understanding well that we must die at the same time that our creation.

This is the feeling of the rebel, who contemplates his own death as the ultimate affirmation. But if our work does not die with us, if humanity can overcome its nihilistic impulse, there is still hope: let us observe the world with compassion, as well as  we empower ourselves to free us from the control of our creation, with the aim of building up the world we want, not over the ruins of civilization, but on the foundations of the man and woman compassionate with themselves and their environment. 

© Ahmad Mahmoud/IRIN
There is only one human experience that we all share throughout history, a life to live and share for the full development of the potentialities of humanity.


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